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Golden Age Comic Books digitally scanned and restored for presentation on the web. See Golden Age heroes, villains, Jungle Action, pre-code horror tales, and just golden age campy fun. All without paying Golden Age prices.




G.I. Joe #10 story: Make Way for the Press: published by Ziff Davis in 1950


Weird Horrors #1 story: Dungeon of Doom: published by St. John Publishing Company in 1952

Captain Marvel #1 story: Captain Marvel Battles the Vampire: published by Fawcett Publications in 1941


Strange Terrors #02 story: Dr. Webb's Weird Discovery: published by St. John Company in 1952


Mary Marvel Story: Mary Marvel and the Magic Yarn from Mary Marvel #02, published by Fawcett in 1946.


Funny Picture Stories: Valve 5, from Funny Picture Stores vol 2, No. 3, published by Ultem Publications, Inc. in 1937.


Wonder Comics Story: Mekano, from Wonder Comics #1, pubished by Better/Nedor/Standard/Pines in 1944.

Mary Marvel Story: Mary Marvel Meets Sivana's Daughter -- Georgia, from Mary Marvel #01, published by Fawcett in 1945.

Hangman Story: Pirates out of the Past, from Hangman Comics #08, published by M.L.J Magazines in 1943

Captain Marvel story: Captain Marvel and the King of the Crater, from Captain Marvel #05, published by Fawcett in 1941

Voodoo story: Witch or Widow, from Voodoo #14, published by Four Star Publications in 1954

Beyond: story: Valley of the Scaly Monsters, from Beyond #2, published by Ace Magazines in 1950

Witches Tales story Launched in Blood, from Witches Tales #1, published in 1951

Captain Marvel story Captain Marvel and Macro the Giant from Captain Marvel #08, published in 1942

Fighting Yank story from Fighting Yank #10, originally published by Better/Nedor/Standard/Pines in the early 1940s.

Captain Midnight and the Giant Glider from Captain Midnight #03, originally published by Fawcett in 1942

20th Century Slaves from Captain Midnight #42 originally published by Fawcett in 1946

The Clock Strikes from Crack Comics #1 originally published by Comic Magazines Inc. in 1940

Ibis the Invincible story from Ibis the Invincible #1 originally published by Fawcett Publications in 1942

Jack Armstrong: Shot in the Dark from Jack Armstrong #10 originally published by Parents' Institute Inc., in 1949

Blue Beetle from Blue Beetle Comics #36, published by Fox Feature Syndicate in 1944

Judy of the Jungle from Exciting Comics #68, published by Better Comics in 1949

The Old Switcheroo from The Perfect Crime #17, published by Cross Publications in 1951

American Eagle Story from Exciting Comics #44, published by Better Comics in 1944

Blue Beetle: Artist Who Painted Death from Blue Beetle #35, published by Fox Feature Syndicate in 1944

Pyroman Story from America's Best Comics #21, published by Standard Comics in 1947

The Phantom Puppet from Web of Mystery #20, published by A. A Wyn, Inc in 1953

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot from Super-Magician Vol. 3 number 7, published by Street & Smith Publications in 1944

Sheena story from Jumbo Comics #127, published by Fiction House Magazines in 1949

The Treacherous Genie from Tales of Horror #6, published by Minoan Publishing Corp. in 1953

The Recluse from Out of the Shadows #13, published by Visual Editions, Inc., in 1954

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