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Captain Video: Master of the Stratosphere Serial Cliffhanger

15 Chapter Science Fiction Adventure Serial Cliffhanger

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Captain Video: Master of the Stratosphere is a 15-chapter serial released by Columbia Pictures in 1951. It was directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet and Wallace A. Grissel with a screenplay by Royal G. Cole, Sherman I. Lowe and Joseph F. Poland, based on a treatment by George H. Plympton. The serial is unique for several reasons--- in particular, it is the first and last film serial ever based on a television program, Captain Video and His Video Rangers.

Judd Holdren, in what was only his second starring screen role, plays Captain Video, the leader of a group of crime-fighters known as the Video Rangers. He faces an interplanetary menace, as the evil dictator of the planet Atoma, Vultura (Gene Roth) and his lackey, the traitorous earth scientist Dr. Tobor (George Eldredge) are planning to conquer the earth. Captain Video: Master of the Stratosphere was very successful when first released to theaters, and kept playing long after other serials had been retired to the vaults. It is one of only two serials that Columbia reissued three times (in 1958, 1960, and 1963).

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Captain Video Chapter 1: Journey into Space
Captain Video Chapter 2: Menace of Atoma
Captain Video Chapter 3: Captain Video's Peril
Captain Video Chapter 4: Entombed in Ice
Captain Video Chapter 5: Flames of Atoma
Captain Video Chapter 6: Astray in the Stratosphere
Captain Video Chapter 7: Blasted by the Atomic Eye
Captain Video Chapter 8: Invisible Menace
Captain Video Chapter 9: Video Springs a Trap
Captain Video Chapter 10: Menace of the Mystery Metal
Captain Video Chapter 11: Weapon of Destruction
Captain Video Chapter 12: Robot Rocket
Captain Video Chapter 13: Mystery of Station X
Captain Video Chapter 14: Vengeance of Vultura
Captain Video Chapter 15: Video vs. Vultura
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These Serial Cliffhangers are terrific entertainment, however, the video quality is not nearly as high as the suspense in each chapter. What we're saying is, if you're used to high definition video, this is a massive step down. We recommend that before you buy, watch an episode through one of our free options.

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This film, produced on 27 December 1951 fell into the public domain on 1 January 1970.

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